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Some Suggestions

If driving from the mainland, a suggested route would involve coming on to the island via the Caribou, NS to Wood Islands,pei-route PE ferry and leaving via the Confederation Bridge.That approach would save time and gas if you are coming from Nova Scotia and would like to visit west, central and eastern PEI during your visit.Note that you pay for the bridge or ferry crossing when leaving the island. The bridge fare is $46 for a car, the ferry is $71 + $5 fuel surcharge. Both the ferry and the bridge only charge for leaving the island. It would be least expensive to take the ferry from Nova Scotia to PEI and leave the island via the Confederation bridge to New Brunswick.

WARNING: If you choose this route get to the ferry early and be prepared for possibly a lengthy wait for the ferry as at times only one ferry is running and they do not take reservations. The other is often being repaired and is frequently out of service.

Things To See Around Cavendish

Cavendish is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Prince Edward Island with a wide variety of attractions in or near the community as well as an extensive selection of accommodations available in the area.

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Other Suggested Destinations

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Rocky Point and Fort Amherst
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Point Prim Lighthouse
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